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Our Services

Creative Strategy

We are a team of creatives that follows and analyzes trends.

We are experts in “Storytelling” and in conceptualizing and planning content based on brand values.

Content Creation

Don’t worry about sourcing creative talent, locations, video editing, or post-production services.


TikTok & Facebook Ads

Boost your sales and implement advertising strategies that are tailored to your brand.

Run Ads using the Creator’s Handle

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Where to Post Your UGC?

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Youtube Shorts

New Shorts Ads boosts conversion campaigns

tik tok ads with ugc

Tik Tok

Generate more sales with Spark Ads

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Embed user generated content on Amazon

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Instagram & Facebook

Make more authentic content to reach your audience

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Unlock UGC power in your Shopify store

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Embed the video reviews of your customers on your site

Find Your Best UGC Creator

UGC performs better than any other type of Ads

We were looking for new ways to reach our audience on social media and TikTok seemed like the perfect fit. We decided to invest in TikTok ads with user-generated content and were blown away by the results. Thanks to BMC our UGC campaign allowed us to showcase our product in an authentic way. Their creators allowed us to run ads from their account so our sales also saw a significant boost, we attribute much of that success to the management of Be My Creator.

Lena Parker

Do assets include editing?

Our creators may be able to edit your videos, this could include adding subtitles, cutting, music, or filters. Our standard creators mostly deliver raw footage and do not include editing (unless briefed), or come with basic subtitles or text overlays. Of course, once you receive your content, you can edit however you see fit!

What locations do you currently operate in?

Currently, we are focused on creators from the UK,US and Europe. We can take customers from anywhere provided you are okay with having either British, European or American creators. If you need creators from another country, please contact us to discuss further, we may make an exception or we will put you on the waiting list for when we open that country!

My brief is under review - what does this mean?

After filling out a brief and submitting it, it goes to the Be My Creator team for review. We review each brief to ensure it has the appropriate information needed for creators to produce the exact content you need. If we have any recommendations about your brief, we'll send you a note or get in touch. Either way, your brief will go out quickly, and you'll receive an email confirmation when it's sent.

Can I pay a creator with my product?

Yes, you compensate creators by providing them with products or services, or include these as part of your compensation.

How does it work?

Offer more value to your customers.

  • We find the best creators from our database for your clients.
  • We take care of the contracts so that your clients have the right to unlimited use of images.
  • We guide creators to follow an ad-focused functional structure.
  • We take care of the creative strategy.

We offer personalized packs depending on your needs.

How much will I earn?

It depends on you, normally budgets are from 50-150$/video. You can work on commission as well.

Can I shoot this content from my house or do I have to go to shoots?

You don't have to go out of your way to shoot content unless the brand has required it. If your thing is to go hiking, pack up your bag with the brand products and shoot content while you do what you love to do most. You don’t have to physically go to any “shoot”.

Do I need a certain amount of followers to join Be My Creator?

No. All you have to do is shoot good content to get paid.

When do I get paid for my work?

Payment is dropped immediately into your bank account as soon as your content is approved by the brands. 

What is the difference between

UGC Creator and Influencer?

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Our UGC Creators


Don't need followers


Don't post their content on their social profiles


Unlimited usage rights


Flexible and Affordable


Authenticity and Credibility



Nº of Followers Requested


Need to post on their social profiles


Usage rights variable and limited


Inflexible and Expensive


Not always credible

Let Creators Empower Your Brand with UGC

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